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You created a wonderful house in Chennai for yourself, now get a wonderful home for your auspicious and beloved God. Atlas Modular Kitchen and Interiors is provider of high value, top quality, long lasting pooja shelves and pooja stands. We have used such materials in creating these contemporary pooja shelves that are easy to clean and maintain.

Pooja or prayer rooms are designed to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore. It is a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence for our creators. We adorn our shrines with gold, glitter and fragrant flowers; we light up lamps and incenses, creating an island of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies.

If you need a durable and good quality pooja shelf or pooja stand for home in Chennai then Atlas Modular Kitchen and Interiors is the best place where you can find the solid prayer units for your home. These Pooja Shelves are created with a fresh concept of modern attribute for basic pooja ghar.

In today’s world of small apartments and nuclear families, people have only limited square footage to devote a room solely for meditation and prayer purposes. This has caused a spike in demand for small pooja shelves or pooja stands which can be fitted into a corner of corridors and rooms and be hung on walls. These pooja shelves are available in the market in a wide range of materials, from wood and brass to natural stone. Depending on financial strength, people at times order custom made pooja shelf embellished with metals such as gold and silver.

Find The Best Pooja Shelf For Your Home At Atlas Modular Home!

What should you look for in Pooja Shelf?

A pooja shelf can add a lovely positive vibe to the home. To enhance these positive effects, get a one that is of exceptional quality. Here are some points to remember before you buy your pooja shelf:

Size: A pooja shelf should be large enough to store the items that you need for your prayers. At the same time, the unit should comfortably fit in your home without looking cramped. In case you do not have a prayer room, you can consider setting up a pooja shelf in your living room. This a great way to store all your pooja supplies in a compact area if you are short on space. Modern pooja shelves are very minimalist, and creates a space and mind that is clear of clutter and ideal for spiritual reflection.

Material: Choose a material and finish that matches your taste. You could consider picking out a chic wooden pooja mandir and select a teak or mahogany finish. Wooden pooja mandir designs come in a variety of ornate and exquisite styles. Browse through your options on the Atlas Modular Home website and get spoilt for choice!

Design: Depending upon what style you are going for, you may be interested in pooja mandir for home designs that are modern and sleek. Others may like to have a design with an ethnic touch. Also, think about whether you would like to keep your prayer items closed or on open display. Accordingly, you can pick the right configuration.

Functionality: A pooja mandir for home worship is often adorned lovingly with candles, lights and flowers. It is a practical as well as decorative item of furniture. Ask yourself how many shelves and drawers you need. Check that the surface is large enough to display your idols and pictures. You don’t want an overcrowded setting where things could fall off the shelves.

Additional Items: You could consider using coffee tables underneath or beside your pooja mandir. This can provide an extended surface for displaying your idols or for keeping incense sticks and other religious objects.

Why to Buy Pooja Units from Atlas Interiors?

So, get ready to decorate and adorn the walls of the pooja room with the finest, stylish and traditional collection of prayer units at Atlas Interiors. From surface mounted to wall mounted, we have everything that could satisfy every individual need. Seek the blessings of God and purchase the beautiful home temple online to experience the positivity and prosperity imparted by it.

Buy pooja shelfs online at Atlas Interiors! Here are some reasons why we are the best:

Spoilt for choice: You can find a wide range of pooja shelf designs that suit your home’s unique aesthetic. You can conveniently browse through our collection and pick out a pooja shelf online that is perfect for you.

Amazing prices: On Atlas Interiors you will be sure to find the pooja shelf price that makes practical sense for you. We assure you a high level of quality and design, so you can rest assured that you’re bringing home the best.

Convenience and ease: It is a breeze to search for a pooja mandir for home online at Atlas Interiors. You can find a wide selection of well-crafted pooja shelf and pooja stand designs with prices. You will conveniently be able to scroll through our fantastic collection of different designs and enquire the pooja shelf price, leaving no space for ambiguity. Pictures of the product from different angles, dimensions and other details are also be accurately provided. Shop with us and buy pooja stand and pooja shelves and get it delivered to your house in and around Chennai.

Shop For The Latest Pooja Shelf Designs Online

When you shop for a pooja shelf online, you’ll find pooja mandirs in a variety of exquisite up-to-date designs. It is a matter of deciding upon which pooja shelf designs match the aesthetic of your home best.

Here are some design options:

Closable Pooja Cabinets: These pooja shelves resemble small ornate cupboards. They allow you to keep everything covered and closed. This protects your pieces from dust and kids’ cricket balls!

Open Pooja Shelf : This configuration offers lots of display space. There are usually lesser drawers to store your items. It is typically for those who would like to display many idols and pictures.

Wall-mounted or floor-standing Pooja Shelf: A pooja shelf can adorn a wall or corner of your living space. It can also provide a visual focal point to your living room. In order to make the right choice when you buy pooja shelf online, know what size you will need. This helps you to narrow down your choices so that you do not get overwhelmed by all the options.

Atlas Interiors offers striking and elegant designs that appeal to modern tastes. So you will definitely enjoy browsing through our products. Moreover, you will also be happy with our competitive pooja shelf price. Overall, you will be more than satisfied with your pooja shelf online purchase.

Great Ideas On How To Decorate Pooja Stand

Your prayer area should always exude serenity and harmony. So be sure to deck up your pooja stand with beautiful ornaments and make the space inviting.

Add colour: To provide a burst of colour, you can enhance your pooja stand by embellishing it with a string of fresh flowers like marigold, jasmine or roses. You can also consider using artificial flowers if you don’t want the hassle of changing flowers every day.

Bright is better: For special occasions and festivals, an easy way to brighten up your space is to decorate your pooja stand with LED lights which come in a variety of different designs and colours. Diyas are a must for your prayer room and you can buy them in many different materials and designs.

Highlight the Gods: Traditionally, deities are decorated by elevating them on a small platform. You could also adorn them with colourful pieces of fabric and garlands. Afterall, everyone likes to deck up once in awhile!

Display more: You can also consider adding some wall shelves to go along with your pooja stand where you can place more idols, decorative diyas and picture frames. Remember to pick out shelves with finishes that complement your pooja stand design and colour.

When buying a pooja stand online, India offers plenty of website options. However, rest assured that you’ll never go wrong with Atlas Interiors. Our furniture looks good with all types of decor. At Atlas Interiors, customers can find a myriad of pooja stand online without any hassle.

If you are looking for a Pooja stand, online shopping is a preferred option for many. This way you don’t need to spend time running around town. You can conveniently find a pooja stand with price and other detailed information like dimensions, material and care instructions. If you want a pooja stand, buy online on Atlas Interiors’s website and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Tips For Choosing The Right Prayer Units For Your Home

Consider a pooja cabinet with larger dimensions if you have a special prayer room in your home. Depending upon what you require, you can opt for pooja unit designs that offer more storage space. These have added drawers and a larger display surface. Some pooja units come in a horizontal design and others are vertical. This is a matter of preference and also depends upon how much floor space is available.

Pooja cabinets can also be used in conjunction with a pooja shelf or pooja rack so that you have more surface area to display additional objects. You can find a pooja rack online in a variety of dimensions. Zero in on the pooja rack design that you think visually pairs best with your chosen pooja cabinet.

Choose Small Pooja Cabinets For Homes With Lesser Space

Smaller pooja cabinet designs are perfect for homes that are short on space. Think about practicality as well as aesthetics when shopping. Go for small pooja cabinet designs that will not only save space in your home but will also add a stylish flair to your living area. Always check the dimensions before you buy pooja cabinet online . This way, you can make sure that you have allocated enough space for it. This helps you avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

A smaller pooja rack is a smart choice for placing underneath a pooja shelf. They can also be used in conjunction with other units as an additional storage in larger pooja rooms. At Atlas Interiors, you can browse through stunning products and be sure to find the best pooja rack price point and design.

Are wooden pooja shelves better?

It is most common for pooja cabinets to be made out of wood. A wooden pooja cabinet can look very chic and has the added advantage of being durable if it is made of high-grade wood. But the wooden pooja cabinets are expensive and not long-lasting.

When picking out the best pooja cabinet online, check whether the colour complements the existing furniture in your home. When you are picking out your pooja unit online, plan the layout of the entire space. Check if you would like to add other items to further beautify your pooja space. Consider using showcases to display idols, diyas and any other decorative items of your pleasing. This helps you to organise your space so that it does not look too cluttered. Carpets can be a great addition to your prayer room as well, making the area more inviting.

Running Low On Space? Buy Wall Mounted Pooja Units Online!

Things to consider with a wall mounted Pooja Stand:

You can opt for a wall mounted pooja shelf in case you have a small apartment and would like to add a prayer space to your living room, hallway or bedroom. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Make sure there is plenty of open space available in and around the pooja wall shelf. It helps when people gather during special ceremonies and festivals. A narrow passageway might not be the best place to hang a pooja wall stand.

Make sure that you hang the pooja stand at the right height. Avoid placing it higher than your shoulder level so that everything can be reached comfortably. Avoid placing any other unrelated items of furniture too close to your wall mounted pooja unit.

There are times when you would like to add more pictures of your deities. You can hang them on the wall instead of placing them on your wall mounted pooja stand. This also helps to achieve a less cluttered look.

Some favour a wall pooja stand that can be closed shut so that the prayer items do not lie in the open and gather dust. Others prefer to keep everything on open display. Think carefully about what makes sense for you.

In case your pooja shelf is in your living room, you can consider placing colored carpets on the floor. This can help to visually section off the area from the rest of the room. Try to find a pooja wall unit which has enough space to put extra offerings for special occasions.

Make sure to place your wall hanging pooja stand at a good distance away from the television if possible. This way you will not be disturbed by any noise while praying or meditating.

A pooja shelf is considered a very auspicious piece of furniture. Some think of it as a mini-abode for the Gods – a piece that inspires peace and tranquillity in the home. It is where you light up fragrant incense sticks and bow down in prayer. Naturally, it is important that this place of prayer is looks beautiful. There is a wide selection of prayer units available and it can be a challenge to find the perfect one. Should you could pick out a compact pooja shelf to hang on your wall or a pooja unit with many shelves and drawers? Read on for tips to help you choose a pooja stand that looks absolutely divine!

Find the right wall mounted pooja shelf design for home which inspires a sense of peace and harmony. In fact you might find multiple wall mounted pooja shelf designs that appeal to you. Here are some ways to narrow down your options:

  • Ask yourself whether you favour an ethnic and traditional design or whether would you like something minimal and modern. Depending upon your taste and preferences you can pick the pooja unit designs wall mount that works best in your home.
  • Measure your space in advance before buying a wall mounted pooja shelf online.
  • Don’t forget to check all the size specifications before buying a wall mounted pooja stand online.
  • Expand your possibilities to decorate your pooja space and get creative with your interiors.
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